Philippine Minnesotan Medical Association

Medical Mission

The PMMA sponsored medical missions to the Philippines. The first was held in Batangas, Philippines in February 2002 headed by Bernard Quebral, M.D. 26 volunteers brought around $350,000 of medical supplies to the Philippines and saw around 2000 patients. The last mission was February 2016. Future missions are being planned.

Mission Videos (on PMMA YouTube channel)

2016 BataanMisson Website
2014 Northern SamarMisson Website Mission Video YouTube (streaming video)
Mission Video download (mp4 148MB -- give it several minutes)
2012Mission Preparation (link)Mission Preparation (mp4 73MB)
2010 Cadiz Video: "Invest in the Passion"
(avi 51MB)   (mp4 125MB)
Video: "Mission"
(avi 210MB)   (mp4 523MB)
2006 Northern Samar


2002 Batangas