CME 2016 Presentations

Please note: Presentations are for the individual use of the CME conference attendee, and are not to be further distributed or presented. Thank you.

Thursday, August 11

6-7:30 pm Case Presentations

Maria Lapid, MD: Patient with Multiple Somatic Complaints

Jonathan Sembrano, MD: Acquired Torticollis

Simon Kung, MD: Alternative Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal

Friday, August 12

Noe Mateo, MD: Antibiotic Stewardship

David Fermin, MD: Pediatric Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and New Heart Failure Medication Guidelines

Lisa Rudquist, RN: Pediculosis: A Timeline of Evolution, Trends and Treatment

Dan Trajano, MD: Beauty and the Beast -- Health Care Pay for Performance

Jovito Angeles, MD: Common Upper Extremity Fractures in Adults

Theresa Kalugdan, MD, MPH: Feel the 'Burn': Physician Burnout, What and How to Solve It

Saturday, August 13

Artan Kaso, MD: Fibromyalgia: Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment

Andrea Cheville, MD: The Opioid "Epidemic": Truth and Consequences

Bart Clarke, MD: The 11th Lorenzo Trajano Memorial Lecture -- Testosterone in the Treatment of Male Disorders

Jonathan Leung, PharmD: Updates in Pharmacy: Labeling Changes in Pregnancy and Lactation and New Agents in the Treatment of Major Depression

Crisostomo "Jong" Baliog, MD: Rheumatologic Manifestation of Common Endocrinopathies

Charles Crutchfield III, MD: Treating Common Dermatologic Concerns in Skin-of-Color