3/23/2020: A special message from PMMA President Jonathan Sembrano, MD:

To all PMMA members,

During this period of global crisis related to COVID-19, our lives have been altered in ways that we could not have imagined possible even as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Our purpose in sending out this email message is twofold:

1. The PMMA is aware that many of you are putting your own lives and safety at risk in the course of doing your work, and some are actually in the frontline, doing your best to save and help as many afflicted people as you can.

We would like to let you know that we, your colleagues, salute you and will always be grateful for the sacrifices you make, for the benefit of all.

We would also like you to know that we are here for you, and are ready to support you with whatever you may need. If there is anything at all that we could help you with, please do not hesitate to contact any of us (all our contact information is at the bottom of this email).

2. The PMMA would also like to make sure that we support the Philippine community in Minnesota. We are aware that majority of Filipinos in MN have established relationships with primary care physicians, and, even at this time, have convenient access to their healthcare teams and PCP's (telephone/virtual encounters). However, there is likely also a sizable number among the community (including many of our elderly citizens, or transient/visiting relatives) who may not have established primary care teams yet.

- If you provide adult/pediatric primary care service, and accept new patients - please provide us with your clinic name and contact/scheduling number, and we will share this with the other Filipino organizations for distribution to the Philippine-Minnesotan community.

- If you are a specialist and willing to answer any questions from members of the community that may fall within your area of expertise (as a sort of informal / curbside consult), or if you are accepting/seeing new patients - please also provide your clinic name and contact number, and we will share this as well.

Thank you very much. Stay healthy and safe, even as you continue to do God's work on Earth. We will get through this.

PMMA Officers and Board
Jonj Sembrano - President
Simon Kung - Vice-President
Janice Go - Secretary
Noe Mateo - Treasurer
Joe Kalugdan - Ex-oficio
Puring Lucas - Advisor
Board Members:
Dan Trajano
Cherry Bucu
Sigrid Precilla
Ed Santos
Laura Hong
Amy Ellingson

Contact any of the above by email phmmainfo@gmail.com.